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Anita Petruescu - Heerenhuys Het Park  - North Sea Round Town - Rotterdam - 27th of August 2023

In the 'living room' of the Heerenhuys, the official name of the building where Dudok In Het Park is located, musicians play who are all linked to Rotterdam in one way or another. From pop to world music, and from jazz to classical. Every Sunday you can hear a surprising concert in the Park and Zocherszaal. A great start to your day, combined with breakfast, lunch or a nice walk in the Park! The Anita Petruescu Ensemble plays jazz standards and original work in which strong lyrics, lyrical melodies and surprising harmonies predominate. The Romanian singer Anita Petruescu, the Dutch saxophonist Paul van de Calseijde and Venezuelan guitarist Andrew Moreno studied at different departments of the Rotterdam Conservatory and found each other in their shared interest and love for jazz and improvisation.

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