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Hamraz live at Mezrab - Amsterdam - 20th February 2022 - Photos and Video

Their music takes its inspiration from the beauty of modality, the Dynamic character of Duduk and flute, and rich rhythms coming from strokes of Tanbour and Tar.
Hamraaz was shaped in 2021 after Lucie and Khorshid met each other at Codarts Conservatory in Netherlands..

Both these two musicians are

multi-instrumentalists and it has given them the power and possibility to create music in different genres based on their academic background.


They have the dream to create the music of modern society with the inspiration of traditional music from Modal/Makam music they have grown up with.


Khordshid Dadbeh Tar and Tanbour player. 
Lucie Lelaurain Flautist and Duduk player.
It is a journey made of compositions and some rearranged traditional pieces (from Iran and Armenia).


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