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Plankton Orchestra conducted by Massimiliano Dosoli at New Grounds - Rotterdam - 18 March 2022

Plankton Orchestra is an international, young cross-over orchestra of 20 people, ready to conquer the world. Their performances go from original compositions to re-arrangements of already existing music and covers of pop artists as well!

Valentina Pennisi clarinet, Cosimo Gentili alto sax, Davide Romeo, Andrea Leone tenor saxes, Otto Rissanen, Sebastien Wrincq guitars, Branko Valchev drums, Rafael Durao vibraphone and percussions, Patrycja Skowronska, Sophie Ehling cellos, Mireia Costa, Luna Hallenga violins, Ruben Eligido Navarro tuba, Matteo Paggi trombone, Paolo Petrecca trumpet, Beatrice Milanese, Beatrice Sberna and Alexandra Alden voices

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