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Standard mouthpieces to start playing alto or tenor saxophone

Today I would like to offer you two categories of mouthpieces for both saxophones.

One economic and the other intermediate.

First, I need to say that:

for a beginner musician (but also for a more experienced one), the choice of the embouchure should be as neutral as possible, which means:

medium width chamber, opening 5 or 6 and window without a step too high to help in the projection of the sound.

With this mouthpiece, in a nutshell: you should be able, over time, to acquire a sound ductility such as to be able to reproduce most of the known saxophone sounds.

Much of the brilliance, darkness, projection and many other factors come from our anatomy and how we learn to use the throat.

Cheap mouthpiece:

Yamaha 5c, 6c

Yamaha tenor 5c bocchino per principianti consigliato da Davide Romeo.jpg

Basic embouchure that does its duty.

Well cut and comfortable.

About 35 euros.

Intermediate mouthpiece:

Vandoren V16 T5, T6 (M)

Vandoren V16 T6 bocchino intermedio consigliato da Davide Romeo.jpg

Interesting embouchure and certainly designed for modern music. The quality of the ebonite is very good. About 110 euros

I hope you've found this useful. Thanks for your attention. Davide.


If you like to have a conversation with me you can book a free online lesson by clicking here (select the online lesson and then “trial lesson”)

I would be happy to share my experiences and direct you, within the limits of my skills, towards what I believe is formative.

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Sep 20, 2022

I'd like to learn to use my throat

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