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2-Spaghi 4et

Embrace the Sounds of Italy and Naples!

Davide and Fra first crossed paths at the Salerno Conservatory, where an immediate bond formed. United by their deep love for Italian singer-songwriters, they embarked on a musical partnership fueled by their admiration for icons like Pino Daniele, Lucio Dalla, Mia Martini, Bruno Martino, Sergio Cammariere and many more.

They gained valuable experience performing along the Amalfi Coast (and the south of Italy in general) delving even deeper into the musical culture of the region.

Today, they live in Rotterdam, dreaming of raising the Italian flag high in the Netherlands, a country they love for its beautiful blend of diverse cultures from around the world.

Join us on a musical journey with 2-Spaghi 4et, a band founded by Davide Romeo (saxophones and vocals) and Fra Luise (piano and keyboard).

Inspired by the richness and beauty of Italian and Neapolitan music, we bring you a captivating fusion of tradition and modern genres such as jazz and Latin rhythms.

In staying true to our Mediterranean roots, we deliberately chose two talented Maltese musicians, Dean Montanaro on bass and Pete Galea on percussion met both in CODARTS (Rotterdam).

Their presence adds an authentic touch, honoring our shared cultural heritage.

Italia - Davide Romeo Musician - LuiRo 4

Do you want to add that irresistible Italian musical touch to your event?

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the beautiful melodies of the grand Neapolitan tradition?

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