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Here you can find all the pictures that I love to take during the events and in the studio!

Click on the LOGOS for the relative pictures!

Photo Shoot by Davide Romeo Musician - Rotterdam.png

Photo Shoots (Studio)

Pictures of the events

Jazzcafè Dizzy - Rotterdam - Logo.jpg
Bird - Logo - Rotterdam.jpg
Desk - Café the Library - Rotterdam_edited.jpg
Hilton Art Lab - Rotterdam - Logo.jpg
Hef Park - Rotterdam - Logo.jpg
New Grounds - Rotterdam_edited.jpg
Tante Nino - Logo - Rotterdam.png
Cafè Midland - Rotterdam - Logo.jpg
Mezrab - Amsterdam - Logo.jpg
CultureHub Logo - Rotterdam.jpeg
Blend Bloemhof Logo - Davide Romeo Musician - Pictures - Rotterdam.jpeg
Roodkapje logo - Rotterdam - Davide Romeo Musician.png
Theatre Walhalla - Logo - Rotterdam - Davide romeo Musician.png

Dizzy Jazz Club - Rotterdam

New Grounds

New Grounds - Rotterdam

Tante Nino

Tante Nino - Rotterdam

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