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AMAGUK Live @ Jazzcafé Dizzy - Rotterdam - 10th February 2023

Amaguk has performed regularly at famous festivals and venues such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Music Meeting, Dizzy Jazzcafé, Zwarte Ruiter, Paard van Troje, WOMAD and also toured the Canary Islands, Greece and London.

This Rotterdam trio effortlessly zigzags between rock, punk-funk and avant-garde jazz full of whimsical up-tempo beats, deep electronic basses and screaming solos on guitar and saxophone. Rock/jazz as it should be: fast, loud and with a punk attitude!

In 2019 they were awarded as best soloists at the prestigious Rotterdam Erasmus Jazz Prize for their combination of punk and jazz. The band released two works: the EP Amaguk (2019) and their album debut Resilient Forest (2020)

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