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Beatrice & Beatrice live in  Tante Nino - Rotterdam - 17th February 2023

Beatrice Milanese and Nele Mennes 

Voiceless an interactive performance. We all wish to be listened to. But, if we don't have a voice, how can we?


Beatrice Sberna & Gabriel de Oliveira

Improvisation and songwriting entangle through a plurality of voices, languages, strings and unidentifiable noises. Songs of all forms sprout. Sberna's vocals shine in harmony as much as they blaze fierce extended techniques, while Oliveira weaves Brazilian 8-string guitar possibilities, preparations, and percussiveness into inventive constellations of sound.

With intimacy and mystery in equal measures, the duo's inner creative world opens up - as they reflect on their relationship to the human, the supernatural, to childhood, death, fear and joy. 

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