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Zucchini Collective Live @ Jazzcafé Dizzy - Rotterdam - 18th February 2023

Zucchini Collective is a salsa band born and based in Rotterdam made up of international musicians (Spain, Venezuela, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, etc.).
United at Codarts Rotterdam by their love for Latin music, they began as an instrumental Latin jazz sextet that gradually morphed into a dance music band, playing classics from the salsa repertoire and timba arrangements. They manage to achieve a “full blast” energetic experience for the dancing audience while maintaining great balance and nuanced sound.
The repertoire includes songs by the greatest and most iconic salseros (Ray Barretto, Oscar d’León, Celia Cruz, etc.), classic Cuban son and boleros, and modern timba compositions. The perfect recipe for the audience to dance the night away and live the authentic zucchini experience!

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