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What a NON - Pianist should know about the piano!

Bijgewerkt op: 26 mei 2021

This is a very delicate topic for me and sometimes I can also seem no so much polite on it. 😂

My teaching method is based on the piano. Everything is connected to it.

If you want to play an instrument like the saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet and other monophonic instruments, is better if you start to think that is good to practice also the piano (this is what I say to my students in Rotterdam).

Piano is THE instrument and your typewriter...

In this article you can find a PDF (here) with the voicing at 3 or 5 notes.

The example key is on II - V - I progression in C major, do it in all twelve keys! 😊

The notes are colored so that you can clearly see the alternation between the 3rd and the 7th (guide notes) of each chord.

If you have any questions about it contact me here.

If you are interested to have a conversation with me about your goals within the music, book your online free lesson live lesson if you live in the Netherlands.

Thank you very much.


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