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Dianne Reeves e David Peaston: when you see, listen and live the BLUES!

Updated: May 26, 2021

For months I have been revisiting these two splendid musicians, Dianne Reeves and David Peaston, who let themselves go in an old-fashioned blues style in the series Night Music by David Sanborn.

I always listen to them as if it were the first time. I am never satisfied and do you know why? Because it is a real and sincere music that comes from the heart and instills great emotions.

The meaning of the word #blues is sadness, melancholy, anguish, all the fundamental feelings in our life which, if interpreted well, give us incredible strength to face our challenges (challenges, not problems).

The way these two people sing is really what it means to overcome the emotions that only a stage can give to you and win them with the most relaxed way possible. In that moment is only the music that exists.

There is no audience, there aren't cameras, there is no criticism, there is only the conversation between these two stars that are using the language of the blues.

Notice their bodies. They are dancing.

The voice is only the result of what they feel inside, they know where they come from and where they want to go.

A phrase that every musician should remember, to really be an artist!

Happy listening.


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