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The early bird catches the worm...

Updated: May 28, 2021

I have trouble getting up early in the morning. In Netherlands everything is different: it is 8.15 am on 13 January 2020 and it is still dark. It's difficult to get used to this light but you have to do it, otherwise everything becomes useless. I have a great desire to do but in recent times I have realized that it is difficult to bear the weight of everything if you do not train with your mind and body. Yesterday I joined the gym after quite some time and I must say that I am very happy with it. I know the sensations that you feel when you wake up with a trained body. Everything runs smoothly. You enter a virtuous circle because you feel good, you want to eat better, you want to sleep better, study better, everything better. Better, better, better! If gymnastic activity is the correct choice for the body, reading is undoubtedly amazing for your mind. I didn't read so much in my life and I regret it. It is not enough to spend hours practicing your instrument and think that you can say something in your music. Our soul must be cultivated from various fronts! The greatest musicians in history have always had many interests which then flowed into their music. Precisely for this reason they have been able to create something truly valid and exciting. Music is a code, a way to communicate said Pino Daniele... These days I am reading a wonderful book by George Leonard, recommended by the great Marco Montemagno in this video. Mastery is the title.

Each of us should read this manual which teaches you to know and manage yourself in an optimal way. It makes you discover exactly the type of person you are and gives you the way to continue the journey of your life with more awareness by following the principles of martial art AIKIDO. I intend to make a video on this book to report the connections between meditation practice and musical practice which in my opinion has many points in common.

You can buy it HERE. A hug to all of you and good day. Davide.


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