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The beginning of the beginning...

Updated: May 22, 2021

What better time to write my first article than starting with inspiration from the Naples-Rotterdam train journey? Right now I am on the last of the three trains, the final one, the liberating one, the last train in which I once again placed the two 50 kg suitcases with difficulty, the train that goes from Paris to Rotterdam. Why did I choose to travel by train? Because you really realize where the fuck you are going! Rotterdam is the destination I have chosen to start building my future in the doubts and fears that only a foreign country can make you feel. I love Italy for many reasons but after almost 30 years it's really time to change the air, it's time to work in a country where the figure of the musician is regulated in an orderly and convincing way, a country where I can afford to create something really mine and do not fall back sadly by placing myself in state posts and entering the closed box of the Italian system. The musician MUST have the right to be a freelancer able to create his own business without being crushed by the tax burden that pushes you, due to force majeure, to choose everything that clips the wings of an artist: the opaque ordinariness badly paid! I know, they are really strong words and it is difficult to express these thoughts but it is all the anger I feel. Italy has become a country saturated with cultural laziness that seriously damages the artist's health. I have a person waiting for me at the station. His name is Andrea Leone and he is a great saxophonist but above all a great friend of mine with whom I will collaborate despite the competition of playing the same instrument! :) I'm ready to go crazy and do crazy things! Thanks Andrea. Thanks Rotterdam. Thanks Roberta. Thanks Family. Thanks for your great help! See you soon!



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